The images for this ad were shot by Tim Kemple. Tim is a photographer and videographer for The North Face. I chose this advertisement because off the bat I can already see a lot of design elements at work.


This image is a great example of contrast because the image, red stripe and white base layer are so different that your eye is drawn to it instantly. The font used in “Sit for your job. Run for your life.” and “Work is necessary, running is mandatory.” is drastically different from the smaller (and we assume, less important) text.


Repetition is shown in this image because both slogans are in the same large font and cover the same contrasting lines. The red stripes are also consistently parallel with the horizon in the photos. On the right this is shown more clearly as it returns to the image in the bottom left corner.


Again, in this image there is the alignment of the horizon with the red accent. However, there is also alignment shown in the way that the left image’s bold text is right flush and the right image’s text is left flush. It’s interesting how they chose to stray from that in the smaller text underneath and reverse the alignment from the text above it. However, it is still an example of alignment.


In the upper right hand corner of this advertisement, the running man and the shoes are in very close proximity. That leads me to believe that they are connected which, in turn, also leads me to believe that this ad is trying to sell The North Face shoes. All of the text on the page is also pretty grouped together which gives it an organized look. I can safely assume the text is connected with The North Face logo because they are all included in the white area or aligned together straight up and down.


I think that color was used very strategically here. The right image seems to have warmer colors and flows pretty nicely into the red stripe. However, when it moves down into the harsh white background, it keeps with the flow by changing the text color to a warmer hue. You also connect the red and more warm colors with The North Face logo because it is red.

Contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity and color all play important roles in a successful advertisement and this one is no different. The way these elements were used in this image makes it pleasing to the eyes and lets you know what’s important and gets their message across in an organized way.

Kemple, Tim. The North Face running advertisement. Digital image. Wonderful Machine. N.p., 26 Apr. 2010. Web. 22 Apr. 2017. <;.


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