This project was really fun because it let me use all of the design principles I have learned so far. I chose to take pictures of places around campus because the article itself was about Ricks College transforming into BYU-Idaho. I would expect my audience to be people who attended or worked at Ricks College and those who have either attended or are still attending BYU-Idaho. This design would appeal to them because the images are recognizable and because the typography of the title is intriguing.


I used proximity in my design by having all three of my headings fall at the top of the page so your eye knows exactly where to go to read about what is in that heading. I also used it when grouping together the title and the writer of the article. I used alignment when I chose to use only half of the first and last page of my spread. On the first page, I aligned my title and writer attribution on the right side and the rest of the article on the left side. I used repetition in using the same yellow and gray colors throughout the spread. I use pretty much the same up and down alignment throughout the spread as well. I used contrast by breaking the up and down alignment with my pull quote box. I also used brown in that box instead of gray or yellow. The size and type of fonts I used are drastically different as well.


In the title, I use contrasting types and colors to make it interesting to look at. I also changed the color of the text in the text box. My main text and headings don’t have a lot of contrast when it comes to the typeface since they are the same category, but I contrasted them with color, size and weight.


I feel that I used color very strategically in this design. I tried to use a lot of the color themes from the pictures (yellow, gray, brown and white). I suppose I could have done something more bold with color but I felt like a unified theme of color would go along a lot better with the theme of the actual article. I felt like I took a very unexpected approach by making the pull quote gray on yellow instead of black. I could have probably outlined the text to make it easier to read and I will be sure to keep that in mind in my next design, but I don’t feel like that was a poor choice in contrast.


When I took the flower photo originally, it was following the rule of thirds. I think it might still be able to pass for that, but just not as dramatically now that I cropped it to fit my design. Figure to ground was also used in the first and last image because the yellow and green in the flowers have a drastic contrast to the gray surrounding them. I used the stairwell as a pattern that is very pleasing to the eye, but it ends when it reaches the top.

All around I feel like I created a solid design that used all of the design elements we have learned in one way or another. There are definitely things I could improve on, but I look forward to new opportunities to use my new design skills.


These are photos I took on my personal devices around the BYU-Idaho campus.


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