This week in my Visual Media course, we learned about several design principles that are important to keep in mind when designing anything from a website to a business card. Those principles are contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity and color. I would like to present descriptions of these 5 elements using the following advertisement:

This image was found here and was part of an anti-domestic abuse campaign by Saudi Arabia’s King Khalid Foundation.

This image shows contrast because of the stark black and white design against this woman’s brown shining brown eyes. This is very effective because it gives your eyes somewhere to be instead of being random and jumbled.

This image also shows repetition because of it’s symmetry. Each side is very clean cut but not exactly the same. All of the text is aligned in the middle where the string across the bridge of her nose points.

Alignment is shown by the text being not only in the middle, but cut directly in half by the woman’s face.

Proximity is shown because the woman is so close to the camera in this image. It feels intimate, like you know her and want to help.

Color is very important here because the black and white theme is only interrupted by the red and purple around her left eye. That’s where your eye is drawn and they did that on purpose. They want you to see what is hidden and to do something about it.


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