I chose this advertisement because of the attention it brings to typeface. There’s not a lot going on in this image besides the contrasting fonts and colors.

Decorative Typeface

Initially, I mistook this font for modern because of its vertical stress. However, in looking further I decided to classify this is Decorative because there are no serifs on the letters. Decorative letters are fun to look at but a pain to read. I think the choice for this advertisement was good though because the title of the movie isn’t long enough to put strain on the eyes.

Sans Serif Typeface

I chose to zoom in a little on this part of the image so it would be easier to see the elements I marked. I classified this font as Sans Serif because of the lack of serifs, no thick/thin transitions and no stress in any one direction.

Contrasting Elements

Really the only elements of contrast in this image are size and structure. La La Land is the name of the movie so it’s going to be quite a bit larger than the other words on the page. This, combined with the contrast in structure (in other words: different type faces),  draws your eyes to the advertisement.

Additional Typography Details

A sign of a good typographer is a designer that knows the difference between “” and “”. The quotes should look like 6’s and 9’s and that is represented in this advertisement.

All in all, I think this ad was well thought out. There is just enough information for you to know what you are looking at. It isn’t crowded or busy and it isn’t made boring by being center aligned or having an odd proximity.


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