On September 3, 2017, Joe and Stephanie tied the knot in one of the most unique ways: surrounded by fitness equipment. According to their wedding website, the pair met at the gym and were attracted to each other from the start.


After each of them raved about the other to a mutual friend, they began working out together and would hang out in the parking lot for up to an hour some nights talking and getting to know each other. How romantic, right?

by Giphy

According to the Cosmopolitan Magazine website, they called around to several different venues before approaching Planet Fitness about hosting their wedding. Planet Fitness jumped on the opportunity and even had a Planet Fitness employee officiate the event because who doesn’t love weddings?


This is a very interesting but also pretty genius Public Relations move. They took advantage of a very rare circumstance since it’s more common to book a more formal venue for a wedding ceremony. This is an event that really goes for the “shock” factor, which makes it a hot point in the media in general. It lets PF reach out of its normal sphere because it relates to everyone with a connection to marriage.


Those in their specific audience also probably have similar experiences with meeting a romantic partner at the gym so the event may really hit home for those people. It may also give others the idea that they might meet their own soul mate at their gym as well.


In addition to hosting the wedding, the couple also received a five thousand dollar check as a wedding gift from Planet Fitness. This pretty much secures their loyalty as Planet Fitness gym goers for years to come.


On their wedding website, the couple expressed their appreciation for the Planet Fitness Company as well as the employees at the Ohio location where the ceremony was held.


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