In my Visual Media course, we are talking about photography this week. It’s not just enough to take a picture, you have to be purposeful about your photography strategies. I picked a few of my favorites to share in order to show what it means to take professional looking photos. I will share a few professional free stock photos as well as photos my husband and I took around the Brigham Young University – Idaho campus.

Leading lines

This image is a great example of leading lines because your eyes know exactly where to go. The white lines of the track all point to one location on the picture. This is much more interesting to look at than a picture of the whole field because the angles and edits were intentional.

These personally taken photos also show the same concept.


Rule of thirds

This is a great example of the rule of thirds because as you can see in the draw-over, the woman is placed strategically off center. The horizontal lines from the stool would not have been possible without the angling as well. In my personally taken photo, the statue and stack of books provide the same effect as the woman and her bags.


Depth of field

In this image, there is an obvious main subject which is the Nike tennis shoe. Pretty much the whole of the rest of the image is blurred out, giving your eyes only one place to comfortably land which would make this image a really nice advertisement. Leading lines are shown in this image as well. In my own photos, the flower is the obvious subject because of the contrast in color but also because of the blur on everything else.

In photography there is a distinct difference between a run-of-the-mill camera phone photo and a photo with meaning and thought put into it. Lighting, angling and strategies such as this give your pictures that professional look without having to buy an expensive camera.


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