This past week, I had the opportunity to create my own magazine spread using inDesign. As a class, we all used our new knowledge of important design principles to make an aesthetically pleasing and purposeful project to share with our peers and with those who read our blogs.

This is my design:



My audience for this project would be members of the Latter-day Saint church that have either been through the temple or are preparing to go through the temple. For this reason, I kept my design fairly simple and straightforward. I didn’t feel it was appropriate to use large contrasting elements because I was going for a peaceful, serene feeling.

Design Elements

I used elements of repetition in my spread because all of my text is uniform, only interrupted by uniform headings to introduce the next section. I used contrast by making the word “temple” much larger and more pronounced than the rest of the text. This was intentional because the temple is what the talk is all about.


When I was originally creating this spread, I began to randomly choose colors for the text and backgrounds without even thinking about it. I used yellows and bright blues in order to “hold attention” or so I thought. When I took another look, I realized I needed to be more organized in my approach. Using the Adobe Color Wheel tool, I was able to use colors from the first picture and match them with complimenting colors. It gives a much more peaceful affect (which is what I was going for anyway).


I took both of the images in this project myself with my phone. I took the first photo with a lot of empty space around the subject (temple) so that I could zoom in and use the surrounding elements as part of my design. The second photo brings the pop of color that I was originally going for without being too overwhelming.

This project was really eye opening because it allowed me to see what my natural design instincts are and what I need to pay more attention to in future projects.


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