Dear love of my life,

Thank you for not being horrible; I sincerely mean that.

Not in the sarcastic “wow, the world really sucks, glad you don’t” depressive post on Tumblr kind of way. In the “thank you for taking me seriously and helping me forget how difficult life can be” kind of way.

Thank you for understanding my mental and social blocks and learning what makes me tick.

Thank you for accepting me and letting me pour every thought and feeling about my past, present and future into you, however heavy they may be.

Thank you for holding me while I hyperventilated after my best friend broke my heart and for thinking I’m worth working through the fights and problems.

I can’t thank you enough for sticking with me because you really, really didn’t have to. Life is hard enough as it is without feeling like a dark cloud is hanging over you like I do all the time. But you willingly came into the rain with me, umbrella in hand.

You make my sucky days way less sucky. You’re fresh air when I have a hard time simply breathing. You put a smile on my face every single day and for that you deserve a medal, no kidding.

Because I know you could have had anyone, literally anyone. You bring a spirit of love into every room you enter and you exude the sort of confidence most people wish they had. You draw people in like you drew me. You give them a sense of belonging because you see them through the eyes of Heavenly Father.

I used to be like that, like you: boisterously happy. Then life hit me in the gut like a freight train; a hit and run that I’m still so dazed by. But you bring out the best in me. You taught me how to be unapologetically kind and pushed me to bring that spirit of love into other people’s hearts without even thinking about it.

I know life isn’t and won’t be perfect. We’ll inevitably fight and some days will just be rotten. Our pasts will come back to haunt us and we’ll probably cry…a lot. (Okay, I’ll cry a lot.)

But you’re my rock, my safety net and my best friend. I would never give that up. Never in a million years.

You are THE greatest person I know because you care about people, about me. I mean, actually care. No stipulations, no caveats.

You make me want to be better. You make me want to feel better. You restored my hope that not everything in life turns upside down and not everyone will hurt you. I trust you with my life and that is so incredibly scary to me.

But I know that I’ll never regret letting you in. I’ll never regret dancing in the kitchen and watching you fall asleep. I’ll never regret the showers that went a little long or the grilled cheese that got a little too burnt.

I may cry over the spilled popcorn all over the carpet but I will never stop fighting for our love and happiness.

Thank you for being everything I never expected and everything I could never deserve.

I love you with my whole heart. I can’t wait for our future kids to meet their amazing father.


Your devoted wife



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