The fast food joint Burger King recently released a new ad just in time for Halloween. With it’s frightening clowns and suspenseful music it fits right in with storm of horror movies flooding the theaters for the holiday.

But Halloween isn’t the only theme BK incorporated into the advertisement. One of the clowns in the video bares a striking resemblance to a well-known and loved mascot for an opposing fast food company.


This marketing strategy obviously targets McDonalds in a pretty ingenious way.

The subtle humor and banter in the ad go right along with the kinds of themes that are marketable all over the United States. It’s memorable and gives the fast food industry a sense of community.

But I don’t want to talk about Burger King’s ad very much. I want to talk about the possibility of a mutual PR and social media flame that could catch the popularity of Burger King and McDonalds on fire. Should McDonalds choose to retaliate with an advertisement that pokes fun at BK, it could give them both a great marketing opportunity throughout the holiday season.

(Maybe a clown creeping on a royal Thanksgiving dinner or a clown replacing the glass encased crown with a curly, red wig.)

I feel like McDonalds has been the unchallenged top dog for so long that they kind of got lazy with advertising. They really haven’t released anything new or noteworthy recently so this could actually give them a push back into that pool.

Sure, they have some minimalist advertising stunts that are really just pictures of burgers and fries. But frankly, those photos are getting little to no attention over the hilariously successful efforts of other fast food chains.


I think for them to ignore this opportunity would be a waste because with Wendy’s twitter game and Burger King’s anti-bullying campaign, they may be falling behind.

Cohen, Zach C. “Burger King Dethrones Its Creepy ‘King’ Mascot.” Time, Time, 20 Aug. 2011,

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