Uber took a stand against discrimination and racism yesterday by banning a racist woman from using their app. The woman tweeted complaining to Uber and Lyft that she could not find an Uber driver that did not look like they were Muslim and that she did not want to “support another Islamic immigrant driver.”


Laura Loomer is actually a very political right-wing activist which does not make the Republican party look good at all. Republicans already have a bad reputation for being rude, insensitive and unaccepting because a majority of them align themselves with President Donald Trump.

Let me explain this…

Trump makes it abundantly clear in a majority of his interactions with the public that he intends to get all illegal immigrants out of the country. He says his aim is to cut down on terrorism and have more job availability for United States citizens.


But those who don’t agree with Trump argue that men and women who are not yet United States citizens should be able to stay. The U.S. is supposed to be a free country where people can live their lives in peace and comfort if they work for it (a destination nation, if you will). So why should we neglect people who want to do exactly that?

With a lot of media content creators having a heyday with Trump’s outspoken and unusual antics, it’s no wonder social media is jam-packed with Trump-haters.

This is actually very good news for Uber though.

This story shows that they care about who utilizes their services. If a rider can’t be happy with a ride from someone with a different skin color, they shouldn’t get to ride at all.


This will end up getting them a lot of praise and probably a lot more traffic (no pun intended) but not for the reasons we would think. People are going to use this story politically, so inadvertently Uber just made a political statement. They “protected” a Muslim, thus they must be anti-Trump, right?

Uber hasn’t released a statement yet but I wouldn’t be surprised if a stand for morals was mistaken for a stand for politics.

Society nowadays aligns being a jerk with being a Republican. Since Loomer is both, I’d just suggest Uber takes this as a win-win.

“Uber Technologies, Inc. - Android Apps on Google Play.” Google, Google, play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=7908612043055486674.

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