In class we learned how to use Adobe Illustrator to create completely new and unique images from our own minds. We can manipulate shapes in all different ways to make them exactly how we want.

Our assignment for this week was to create 4 to 6 icons that followed a theme and catered to a specific audience. We had to use all of the design elements we have learned so far to make the set look like they belonged together. To do this we were supposed to include similar shapes; I’ll show you what I mean later in this post.


I chose to cater to children. I wanted to create images they would recognize easily so I decided to use fruit. I made an apple, a lemon, a peach and a pear. My inspired intention for these icons was that they would be used in an app that would be intended for preschool children in a matching game or some other exercise.

Design elements

I made the objects look like they belonged to the same group by having the exact same leaf on each one. I used bright and simple colors to, again, cater to children. The shapes of a pear and apple are recognizable but a lemon and a peach may not be so easily recognized. That is why I had the curved lines on those instead of the straight lines like I have on the apple and pear. In each one I also only had the left side of the fruit outlined. It’s subtle but I did that on purpose.

What I would have done differently

I would have probably left off the small ellipses on the bottom of the apple and pear or had them on every fruit. I would have also chosen either fruits with all stems or all small bud on top in order to have more uniformity. I probably could have made the shapes a little more uniform as well because the curved line gives the peach and lemon more of a 3D shape, where as the apple and pear have more of a 2D shape. Neither one is better than the other, I would have just liked it to be more consistent.


I really enjoyed making these images. It’s a super cool feeling to be able to create something from nothing and have it turn out just the way you want it. This skill is definitely an asset to anyone looking into any kind of Communications career (not just Visual Media) because it gives you the ability to take on a slew of other projects that let you exercise your creative abilities.


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