In my Visual Media class, we were instructed to create slides detailing design elements in an advertisement, then create our own advertisement based on the first one and critique it as well.

I chose a McDonald’s ad and recreated an ad based on the original design. Here is my project:


The audience I thought of when I was creating this ad was a younger generation of preteens. I figured that age range would be the generation that really cared whether McDonald’s has free Wifi. Making words out of fries seems like something a young creative mind would do so I tried to relate to them in that way. I wanted to make them say, “Oh, I could do that with my fries too!”

Design Elements

I tried to be as universal with the color scheme as I could, using the same yellow and red as McDonald’s used originally.

As hard as it is to classify the fry-writing as typography, I thought it would be a good idea. Seeing as the McDonald’s logo itself is made up of curved lines. I bolded the titles to make it obvious what I was trying to convey and used a white background for the writing so it was easier to see and so I could overlap the background colors to add depth to the design.

I also kept the slides as simple as I could since the original ad was also very minimalistic.

I really enjoyed this project because it gave me an opportunity to use everything I have already learned in the class from inDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

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